What People Are Saying

Here is what others are saying:

If I could rate this session a 6 (out of 5), I would. Best Session all day!

— Conference Session Attendee

He was able to capture the entire audience and do things that amazed us all.

— Chris Randle, InfraGard Arkansas

I had the pleasure of witnessing Perry entertain a group of tourists in Las Vegas, I was just looking on while he fried peoples minds, I had no idea that my mind, too, would end up collateral damage. Thank You Perry. I am a magician and hypnotist too, but the things you did were unbelievable even to me.

— Taw Pruitt, Magician & Hypnotist


— Conference Session Attendee

Perry was great at taking what could be a complex topic and breaking it down into very easy to understand concepts.  The psychological experiments made it fun and rewarding.”

— Conference Session Attendee


This session could have easily gone another hour and still kept all our interest!

— Conference Session Attendee

I loved the demonstrations and experiments.

— InfraGard Presentation Attendee

Contact Info

Perry is located in Central Arkansas in the United States and is available for US or international bookings.
Phone: +1 (501) 859-6057
Website: http://TheMindSpyGuy.com
Email: perry@themindspyguy.com


Note: Perry currently serves as the Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer for KnowBe4, the world's most popular integrated security awareness and simulated phishing platform. The services represented on this site are unaffiliated with KnowBe4, and offered simply because he is passionate about these non-technology related topics.