To help business leaders and executives . increase their personal effectiveness and persuasiveness by equipping them with powerful secrets for better understanding, interpreting, and influencing the thoughts, words, actions, and motives of those around them.

"He was able to capture the entire audience and do things that amazed us all."
-Chris Randle, InfraGard Arkansas

Don’t settle for another run-of-the-mill speaker this year.

There is a secret to engaging an audience and ensuring that they care about the topic: tell them about themselves.  Perry’s keynotes, workshops, and presentations all focus on uncovering interesting aspects of our psychology.  Honed through years of working in the security field, Perry’s insights and hands-on participatory examples get everyone involved and show us how easily we can fool ourselves.

Topics Include:

  • Body Language and Expression Reading
  • Understanding Deception and Social Engineering
  • Misdirection
  • Ethical Persuasion
  • Influence Skills
  • Magic, Mentalism, and Hypnosis
  • Pickpocketing
  • 6 Things Every Leader can Learn from a Real-Life Mentalist
  • Using psychology and showmanship to build great presentations and develop rapport

Multiple Options — With Your Audience In Mind!

When Perry is around, no thoughts are safe. Perry uses a combination of psychology, magic, suggestion, misdirection, and showmanship to perform impossible feats that are guaranteed to amaze and astound your audience.  You’ve probably seen these skills portrayed in TV shows like “The Mentalist,” “Lie to Me,” and “Psych;” now is your chance to see and learn from a real-life mentalist.  In many cases, the goal is not entertainment alone; Perry can use these skills and demonstrations to communicate critical life skills like — ethical persuasion or deception detection —  to your audience.


Perry provides a variety of services for discerning corporate audiences, including:

  • A refreshingly different kickoff or end-of-conference speaker that will engage and entertain your attendees
  • Half-day, full day, or multi-day training events and seminars
  • Strolling or stand-up entertainment for hospitality and PR events

Speaking & Keynotes

Perry currently offers two major themes for his keynotes… something like the blue pill and red pill offered to Neo in The Matrix. “Blue Pill” style presentations are geared toward building up the communication and interpersonal skills of leadership. “Red Pill” style presentations explore the grittier aspects of influence and provide some protective tips. Both feature mind-blowing psychological demonstrations and can be totally customized or combined to fit the goals for your event.

Corporate Entertainment

Bring an expert “Thought-Hacker” to your next event. Perry performs unique and astonishing walk-around and/or stage demonstrations of influence, psychological mind reading, people reading, and deception detection. Invaluable for leadership and entertaining for clients, these psychological skills (passed-off by some ‘psychic’ in nature) provide a practical and enjoyable look at the art of mentalism.

Workshops & Training

Management, leadership, and sales teams can learn to apply the techniques Perry teaches, both strategically and ethically in a variety of contexts. In these highly-engaging sessions, Perry shares real-world mentalism techniques that will enhance your group’s interpersonal communication, persuasion, people-reading, and presentation skills.  Perry can even do a workshop focused solely on learning the principles of psychology of magic and misdirection and then leveraging these skills in other areas of life and business.


Don’t miss out!  Your audience deserves a truly mind blowing experience!

“I had the pleasure of witnessing Perry entertain a group of tourists in Las Vegas, I was just looking on while he fried peoples minds, I had no idea that my mind, too, would end up collateral damage.  Thank You Perry. I am a magician and hypnotist too, but the things you did were unbelievable even to me.”  — Taw Pruitt, Magician & Hypnotist

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Contact Info

Perry is located in Central Arkansas in the United States and is available for US or international bookings.
Phone: +1 (501) 859-6057
Website: http://TheMindSpyGuy.com
Email: perry@themindspyguy.com


Note: Perry currently serves as the Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer for KnowBe4, the world's most popular integrated security awareness and simulated phishing platform. The services represented on this site are unaffiliated with KnowBe4, and offered simply because he is passionate about these non-technology related topics.